Friday, April 29, 2011

The Last Hurrah

1,533 posts.

Most of them railing uselessly against the growing tide of the foul-mouthed, the uncivilized and ignorant, the endless waves of uneducated illegals who hate us far more than anyone realizes, the witless and unthinking who revel in their belief that America's days are over, against the Progressives, the Socialists, the Marxists and the Communists now in positions of leadership and control.

The tidal wave that is is socialism in America cannot be stopped. It is already here and swamping everything we know. So, rather than standing on the beach yelling at the waves, it's time to head for the hills as it were, and sit it out.

It's time to adapt to the new realities that surround us. Forget the way it was, that's over.

The world is changing and so must we. I realized this today as I watched the "Royal Wedding". Countess millions of spectators and viewers in England and America were all agog over this event, but I did not see in it the future of England, what I saw was the last hurrah of a once great nation.

I'll bet real money that there was not one Muslim, not one black panther, not one latino in that crowd in front of Buckingham Palace awaiting the couples "first kiss".

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

The future King and Queen of England kissed while England burned.

And the Americans? Well by golly, they felt really good about it.

And like - you know - feeling good is more important than anything.


WLW said...

I feel your pain. We are in for a ride to suicide and there is nothing we can do about it.

What is stressful is looking at another historical situation and that is of Generalissmo Franco of Spain. He was also fighting leftist marxist forces in Spain. Spain was still heavily Catholic and so many of them rallied to fight these people off.

What is amazing is that Franco won!

What is doubly amazing is that after Franco died, Spain became leftist. If you see Spain today, the Catholic church is heavily restricted, abortion is allowed, gays are allowed, women rights and everything else.

Here you have one successful reactionary counter-revolution and its legacy? still defeat.

In the long run, it lost the war. It may have won the battle, but it still lost in the long run. After seeing this, the situation is just hopeless in America. America is more fragmented than Spain ever was. There is no racial or religious homogeneity, and of course the Marxists own all the schools and universities. It is quite hopeless. The levers of the culture are already gone. We are fighting rear guard actions.

Sad. I have no hope.

Bob said...

The irony of it all is that these fools that have brought this disaster down on us still think they are going to benefit from it all.

None of them will.

The vast majority of these fools will never see any of the rewards they have been promised in stirring speeches and slogans.

The winners are already in place. They will not share power and control.

The two failed races we have been supporting will wonder why they are still at the bottom, receiving nothing, sharing nothing.

Only then will they discover that the leaders they follow so passionately today were not their friends and saviours.

They are their Masters.

Ted Amadeus said...

It boils down to robbery and bribery with a badge: The credit-wealthy Papistocracy in Washington saw itself governing beyond the grave - an endless river of carrots stolen from the working and productive and squandered on "police actions" for Rome, fellow Papist friends & relatives in bureaucracy & the teeming ocean of refugees brought to America at tax-payers expense thru CCI or allowed to illegally cross its sothern border would ensure The Whore's minions power forever...Or not:
A decade ago that power shifted from the bead-fingering, idol-worshipping Borrowers to the Lendehz, as via a fascist from the right and a communist from the left consecutively infesting the White House, we spent more than the entire GNP on such foolishness, and the BanKhazars have acquired absolute power, since they now own the whole country through debt, not merely its government.
The carrots are gone, and now the sticks are to be used to blodgeon all who resist...