Friday, April 08, 2011

According To Plan

We are all alarmed at the rising gasoline prices which continue to go up and up and up.

Buy why are we surprised?

Obama told us all that according to his plan, energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.

His plan? Raise the cost of gasoline and diesel so high we can't afford to drive our cars anywhere, ever. He wants us all to trade in our gas guzzlers for those $40,000+ electric vehicles that will -unfortunately - have to use electricity from coal-fired plants to run. How many of you have done the numbers to see how many new coal-fired plants it would take to replace the oil we use today in our trucks and automobiles? We would have to double the number of coal-fired plants to keep up with the energy demand.... Just for starters.

If you think that Obama appointed EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson will allow us to build new coal-fired plants in the numbers required, you're crazy. Even if Obama were to allow the EPA to issue permits to build all those coal-fired plants, it would take many billions of dollars and decades to build them. Meanwhile, we would walk everywhere.

Oh, you say, solar and wind farms will provide all the electricity we need. Get a grip. It has been calculated that it would take a solar farm 100 miles square (10,000 square miles), to replace our coal-fired plants. At the present cost of solar panels, there is not enough money in the entire world to buy 10,000 square miles of solar panels(and the required support structure and power lines), and even if there was, it would take decades to manufacture them.

Want a small scale example of solar? Check this out. 2.5 million solar panels on 3,500 acres, generating 400MW, enough to power the homes in Fresno, California. Not the businesses, not the factories, not the downtown offices... Just the homes. One city, and this 3,500 acre unit would produce power only in the daytime. What would they do at night? And what happens when a hailstorm destroys who knows how many solar cells? They are very fragile.

Imagine the cost to clean 3,500 acres of solar cells. Yes, they have to be cleaned regularly or they lose efficiency.

As for wind power, it's an even gloomier picture. The only thing free and/or inexpensive about wind power is the wind. Everything else is incredibly expensive, far worse than solar.

Bottom line? There is never going to be enough electricity to let everyone replace his present automobile with one of Obama's fantasy green machines, which really won't be green at all. So most of us will have to take public transportation that at present does not exist.

Ah yes... Public transportation. One thing the United States does NOT have, is an efficient public transportation system. It would - once again - take many billions of dollars and decades to create one that could replace the private automobile nationwide. You can bet real money that huge sections of the United States would be without transportation other than horse and carriage... and bicycles.

Progress dude, progress.

So what is Obama doing to realize his green machine fantasy? To get us out of our "gas guzzlers"?

He is trying - for the third time - to eliminate tax breaks for oil companies. Now, who do you suppose will those tax increases be passed on to? Men from Mars?

He has placed a ban on our drilling and pumping for more oil, something we have plenty of. We have billions and billions of barrels of oil in our shale oil deposits. Obama, and this soldout Congress, will not let us develop this resource.

He actually went on national TV and encouraged revolution in the Middle East nations, particularly the ones with all the oil. Result? Higher oil prices. Unintended consequence? Not a chance.

He has gone to Brazil and given them two billion of our tax dollars to help them drill for oil where he is not allowing us to drill, so we can be "one of their best customers". Total nonsense. We won't be able to afford Brazilian oil.

The man is not acting sanely. He has surrounded himself with progressives, radicals and communists, all of whom wish to see the destruction of America, and he is working hand-in-hand with them.

Obama and his inner circle of "advisers" are right on schedule with their nefarious plans. These people, for all their high IQ's and expensive college educations, are the stupidest people to ever walk on the face of the earth.

Bottom line: Obama is quite satisfied with the progress they have made to date. Do not look to this administration to do anything other than what it is doing now.

Most of all, do not look for relief from these rising fuel prices.

Atilla The hun, Ghengis Khan, Hitler... In the end, they will have done less to harm society than this crowd of radicals in the White House. And don't forget George Soros... he is funding them all.

Perhaps now is a good time to remind you what former Weatherground member Bernadine Dorn - wife of Bill Ayers, the man who participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972, both close friends of Obama - once said about those citizens who would not adapt to the new order... "It will be necessary to kill them."perhaps as many as 25 million". Keep in mind that the Holocaust killed only 6.5 million.

These are the kind of people running this government today. They hate us, they hate our country, they hate our representative form of government. They hate free enterprise. They hate you.

Now they are in charge and are succeeding with all their plans, supported and aided by a nest of progressives and socialists in Congress.

Don't whine and cry when the hammer falls. We are the ones who put them all into office legally and lawfully, and if we continue to be lawful and legal, in office is where they will all remain.

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texlahoma said...

I'd say you have a pretty clear view of what's going on. It's amazing how many people are still fooled by Obama, they don't know they're just useless eaters to him.