Sunday, July 25, 2010

The End Of The Track Is Just Ahead

From Neithercorp Press - 07/18/2010,(thanks to DC):


In the financial life of every culture built upon faulty monetary policy, there are points at which the thin thread of economic faith; the thread that ties the entire failing system together, the thread made tangible by the hopes (and sometimes ignorance) of the general populace, finally snaps. From Ancient Rome, to Weimar Germany, to Argentina, to modern day America, no society fueled by unsustainable debt and fiat inflation can duck the ‘Fiscal Reaper’ for very long. The U.S. alone has survived since the early 1970’s (after Nixon removed the last vestiges of the gold standard) on nothing but questionable credit practices and baseless optimism, but there is a limit to the power of fantasy. This is a fact that most mainstream financial analysts and some in the American public refuse to grasp. Mere belief in the enduring nature of the marketplace is not enough; the fundamentals must also support that belief.

Today, we face an atmosphere in which the fundamentals are fiercely opposed to the publicly promoted perception of the economy, and it is moments in history like this that present a clear primer for total collapse. Financial disaster is bad enough when it is at least partially anticipated. When the masses are caught completely unaware and unprepared in the midst of misguided conviction, this leads to the worst kind of tragedy: the ironic and Shakespearian kind. To avoid this brand of tragedy is one of the primary reasons why we in the Liberty Movement do what we do. We may not be able to stop the current crisis from developing, but we can create awareness, and through this we can lessen the cultural shock, and thereby lessen the impact.

Mainstream economists crowed about the “invincible” rise of globalism and the unstoppable U.S. financial juggernaut for years while more level headed and intelligent men tried to warn the public of danger. The initial derivatives collapse in 2007 / 2008 should have put all of these pathetic establishment cheerleaders to shame, not to mention out of work. Yet three years later, amazingly, we are asked, even expected, to continue to look to such sad and useless people for predictions on market stability that always turn out absolutely inaccurate, and advice on savings and investment that they are not equipped to give.

I suppose we should not be surprised by the continued lifespan of MSM parrots and puppets. They may not be helpful to the average American, but they are very helpful to international banks and the globalist companies that pay their salaries. They distract and confuse us. They comfort when they should caution, and contradict when they should pay heed. Our financial house is burning from the bottom floor up, and they assure us that the warm orange glow is just the dawning of a new and beautiful day. We are told to “look to the future”, a return to normalcy is “just around the corner”. Never would they dare to weigh the cold hard factors of the present, or the ruse would be up. Whether they are aware of it or not the lies media pundits perpetuate set the stage for even greater upheaval, to the detriment of most, and the benefit of only a handful.

In this article, as we have in so many others, we will examine those lies, as well as the truths they are meant to hide. The most important truth of all being, that not only are we not in the middle of a recovery, but that the final phase of the economic meltdown is about to commence…

Go read the article if you believe we can learn from history. And then start getting prepared. This won't happen overnight. There is still some time left for the forewarned.

It's not an easy read, what with all the references you have to check out, but it's past time you took the time and effort to get informed.

Otherwise, just keep on keeping on with whatever it is you are doing, and when it all hits, don't whine, take it like a man.


Ted Amadeus said...

Even with a fiat currency/Keynesian system, the market rules would work, if they were heeded! Instead, Establishment mouthpieces have spun the jingoism of "economic security' and "financial stability" that are nothing of the kind.
I believe they will play along with The Zero until he's ready to leave office, then let the economy tank as a final touch to their "scorched Earth" policies/used as excuse to finish the transition through socialism to an authoritarian police state/military dictatorship and suspend elections. Subverters love depressions: It lends grist to their socialism mill and provides convenient excuse for blaming the rigged-by-regulations-to-fail "free" market!

It's all too obvious the Obammunists and BanKhazar are in bed with each other; the only question is "who's on top"?

Ted Amadeus said...
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