Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Kill Some Crackers..."

"... And some of their babies too."

Cracker = white people.

Remember those two black Panthers, all dressed up in para-military costumes, armed with nightsticks in front of that voting location, intimidating voters?

Go here and watch the video. Don't start about it's just a rightwing blog, or a conservative nutjob site, or whatever excuses you've been using to ignore what's happening.

Just watch the video.

The racist lunatic in the video doing all the hate-spewing is the short guy in the voter intimidation case.

As an aside, those two black thugs had been convicted of voter intimidation and were facing sentencing when black president Obama's black Attorney General stepped in and dismissed the charges and threw out the case against those two black panthers... After conviction, and awaiting sentencing for voter intimidation.

Notice any sort of pattern there? You'd better... In an extended version of that video, he said "You crackers are going to be ruled by blacks."


It really doesn't matter a whit whether or not you just love blacks and are constantly crying about all those past injustices their ancestors suffered, if you're white - even a compassionate and caring, victim-supporting white - they hate YOU. And want to kill YOU. And for good measure, kill your babies also (if you have any).

What a great leap forward for race relations these guys represent.

Well there, fellow crackers, what to do about some racist lunatics running around threatening to kill white Americans and their babies? Possibly consider them as home-grown terrorists?

How about that, Homeland Security? We've got madmen in the streets of America promoting the deaths of Americans and their babies.

Could that possibly be a threat to national security?

Of course not. These men are obviously oppressed victims of slavery, cannot possibly be racist, and were only kidding - blowing off a little steam - when they were videotaped demanding the deaths of crackers and their babies.

I wouldn't recommend that kind of mouthy outburst in places like Dallas. Way too many folks here would consider that as an in-your-face direct death threat to their children, and respond with deadly force.

Remember that shooter in the Texas Tower some years ago, the one that started shooting college students? It was ordinary citizens driving by that stopped, pulled out their hunting rifles from their vehicles, and put a stop to his rampage. Those ordinary citizens kept him pinned down with accurate rifle fire until the cops could get to him.

There's a real serious message in there for those who promote violence against the innocent, especially babies.

If these blatantly racist Black Panthers and their white-hating buddies really want a "let's kill some crackers" confrontation, all they need to do is keep pushing. They will most certainly get what they want, but those unintended consequences - as usual - will be awesome.

Don't forget to bring popcorn... And keep your head down.


Anonymous said...

"The times they are a changin" again. The question isn't whether or not the USA will enter into Civil War or Revolution. The question is what event or combination of events will trigger the "shot heard around the world". Will it be the White hating racists? The illegal immigrants? The Unions: SEIU et al? The war will certainly not be declared by the peaceful patriot tea partiers. But, I'm afraid the war is inevitable and will be declared soon, very soon.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Bring it on, motherfuckers!
You BRING that shit!!!
You WON'T be "bringin' it" for long, I promise you!

Bob said...


The proper term is Mutha Fukkas!

texlahoma said...

I remember when I was a kid and was crying about something, my mom or dad would say "You crying?"
"I'll GIVE you something to cry about."
That's what ran through my head when he said "I hate white people."
He'd better watch out, somebody will GIVE him a real reason to hate white people.

Ted Amadeus said...

I want to see them try some of that "Poll-busting" bullshit around here:
We have cops at every polling place during elections, so if somebody tries to start some shit, they can get a one-way trip to the Brown-Bar Hotel and spend the next 30 nights "making Pedro's acquaintance" a bit more intimately than they ever wanted!