Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So Long, Internet...(Updated)

... And freedom of speech.

It's all over, except for the moaning, the wailing, and the sad song singing:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency's computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a "controversial opinion," according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

Universal enforcement of this will follow quickly on the heels of this action by TSA. It is a test run to feel out the opposition, a testing of the waters to see how quickly - and harshly - content control over the internet - and all other forms of communication - can be established and enforced.

There will be little or no opposition, other than a few voices wailing in the wilderness.

The courts will not stop this. The federal government certainly will not stop this. The State, Country and City governments will not stop this. Those people will welcome this silencing of opposition with open arms and great celebration.

Oh yes, a few lawyers will go through the motions... To make us all feel someone is standing up for our rights, but don't kid yourself.

The only way to put a stop to this is to physically remove these people from the positions of power they now hold.

Sadly, it took a lot more for our founders to accomplish this than just being aware of the injustices and voicing their opinions.

I have no illusions that most of today's Americans will care or try to prevent this, since they have no knowledge or understanding of what they are losing, or have lost already.

Watching all this happen is almost like being in a Titanic lifeboat. I can see what's happening with great clarity. But the Titanic survivors, as they watched the ship slip beneath the waves, had no clue as to why. They did not know that the ships Captain, a pompous elitist who felt himself above the laws of man and nature, had ignored repeated warnings and by doing so, sealed the ship's fate.

We have another pompous elitist at the helm today. But this self-absorbed would-be king believes he is greater than any challenge, wiser than any sage. In reality what we have is a court jester who has mounted the throne, one who believes his opinions and views of everything are the right ones, and that all who disagree are wrong.

Just like those many dead who believed in the great ship and trusted it's Captain, we are all about to find out the real cost of ignorance and complacency.

The lookout has been yelling and screaming, but nobody is listening.


After an uproar from conservative bloggers and free-speech activists, the Transportation Security Administration late Tuesday
rescinded a new policy that would have prevented employees from accessing websites with "controversial opinions" on TSA computers at work.

Congratuations to all you bloggers and free-speech activists... You have some muscle after all.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Just between you, me and whatever DHS spy is reading this text:
Perhaps the Obammunists should realize, since our military is too well-educated to enforce their fascism, and the armed citizenry is not gullible enough (yet) to do so, or lay down their arms, their authoritarian censorship and other gestapo bullshit's not gonna fly here.