Friday, December 26, 2008

"Fodder For The Bigots"

More name calling...

The case is "fodder for the bigots," Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL's national director, said in an interview this week with The Associated Press. "It's both embarrassing and it's painful."

He's referring to the Ponzi scheme that has just sent many once incredibly rich Jews to the poorhouse.

And in case you are wondering , anybody who can afford to "invest" over a billion dollars of their own money IS incredibly rich, and you gotta wonder how they got it all.

Foxman is the same ADL dude that started up the boringly predictable "Anti-Semite" drumbeat the instant it became public knowledge that many of America's incredibly rich Jews lost billions and billions of dollars in this "affinity fraud" scheme, a scheme hatched by yet another influential and incredibly rich Wall Street Jew.

Same old story... as soon as some negative news comes out about Jews and money, out comes the "Anti-Semite", Bigot and Jew-Hater" stuff to re-direct attention from the real issue, which remains the reality that Jews have far more influence, power and control of America's finances and policies than they should have.

The Jews - of course - like to keep it a big secret amongst themselves, so when a bit of information about their excessive power and enormous wealth sees the light of day, The Abe Foxman's of the world start up with their predictable response to ridicule the idea and shout down and silence the news breakers.

So, while you are trying to figure out how to pay next month's mortgage and still put food on the table and a few bucks into savings, Jews who lost a billion dollars or so to this scam go commit suicide rather than trying to live on Social Security, or face the humiliation of having to go work with the common folk in a factory somewhere full of illegals, something that "Gods Chosen People" are just not cut out to do.

Reporting the facts of this debacle is not bigoted or proof of Anti-Semitism, but it does do what the Jews do not want... it attracts unwelcome attention to their activities.

So crank it out Foxman, accuse everybody who talks about this of anything you can think of that sounds disgusting or embarrassing. "Anti-Semite" is always good, It's a reliable old standby... "Bigot" is actually incorrect, but it sounds really nasty... And "Jew-hater" is always good for a few additional miles.

Notice how Foxman is not discussing any of the facts about this giant fraud, the amount of money involved, the perpetrator or the victims(If you can call billionaires victims). Instead, he's accusing those who are bringing it up of all manner of racial and ethnic nastiness.

Ever wonder why the Jews in America need to have something like the ADL?

Foxman's conduct - and the reason for it - is a good clue.

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Ted said...

Yepper, the aprons of fig-leaves are off, and my eyes are open.
The 40% of this "recession" that isn't media hype...A close look reveals - what a shocker - most the bastards who just got bailed out, who are firing everyone, closing companies down, moving their jack offshore, have last names like Khazarovich and Khazakhstein...And Soros.
But we're not supposed to notice this. "Move alonk, Uzvek! Nutzink to zee heah!"

And they wonder why they're so hated.
Give ya a little hint, Mr. Foxman: God's got nothing to do with it!