Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anti-Semitism? has some interesting comments on reactions to Bernard Madoff's arrest after his 50 billion dollar Wall Street fraud.

The reality that Madoff is a member of America's powerful Jewish community, that so many of the defrauded investors were wealthy Jews, and that he conned a number of exclusively Jewish charities, has once again shone an unwanted light on the Jews and their concentration around the money and power centers of America, and how this close-knit religious and ethnic minority has great wealth and influence far greater than generally acknowledged or admitted.

Abraham Foxman, ADL national director, said:
Jews are always a convenient scapegoat in times of crisis, but the Madoff scandal and the fact that so many of the defrauded investors are Jewish has created a perfect storm for the anti-Semites.
There's that "anti-Semite" sound bite again. Is it anti-Semite to point out the facts about the people involved in this 50 billion dollar scam? That it was predominately Jews that had the 50 billion to lose in the first place?

Indians own most of the casinos in America and rake in vast amounts of the money lost to gambling. Is pointing that out anti-Indian?

Foxman refers to a "perfect storm". But as in nature, a perfect storm cannot form unless conditions are just right... and this particular storm has the Star of David stamped all over it.

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