Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going Down The Drain

Obama has no interest in the space program:
CAPE CANAVERAL – NASA administrator Mike Griffin is not cooperating with President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team, is obstructing its efforts to get information and has told its leader that she is “not qualified” to judge his rocket program, the Orlando Sentinel has learned.

In a heated 40-minute conversation last week with Lori Garver, a former NASA associate administrator who heads the space transition team, a red-faced Griffin demanded to speak directly to Obama, according to witnesses.
Let's take a look at Obama's transition team leader, Lori Garver. If you read all that stuff, you will see see has a lot of bureaucratic experience, tons of power-point presentations, all manner of awards for chit-chat on various subjects, but precious little - if any - engineering background or experience.

This woman does indeed come with a long list of impressive sounding qualifications. But completely lacking is any indication she can evaluate any actual program, so it looks like Mike Griffin is correct. She is - sadly - just another highly educated paper-shuffler that has wrangled a job she has no qualifications for.

Watch Obama support this woman. Watch Obama replace Griffin. Watch the Constellation program go down the drain. Watch NASA fade into history.

You all ready know about Kerry and the Clinton's - particularly Hillary - and their total lack of support for anything scientific or space related. Well, guess who was their "Space policy advisor"? A woman who hates NASA.... read on.

Yep... Lori Garver. The woman who once tried to get a sponsored ride for a trip to space aboard the Russian Soyuz vehicle to the International Space Station. She even began the initial medical certification and training in Russia. Remember , she worked for NASA from 1998 to 2001, left in 2001 and started her quest for a sponsored Soyuz ride.

In short, she quit her NASA job and went begging to a private sponsor and the Russians for a space ride. One must imagine her resentment to NASA for not giving her the desired free ride. And now Obama has her evaluating NASA programs.

What's wrong with that picture? Can you start to understand why Griffin is so upset? Why he wanted to speak to Obama directly, and not through this vindictive little wanna-be space bunny?

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