Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Smell Of Rats Is Everywhere

Sen. Harry Reid, the Nevada Democratic Leader of the House, is already worried about his own re-election fight in 2010. So...
Sen. Reid traveled to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico late last month to meet with campaign contributors. A spokesman for Sen. Reid said he expects to have $3 million in his campaign account at the end of the year, up from about $2.75 million on Oct. 1. Sen. Reid spent $7 million in his 2004 race.
Let's pick at the scab on this bit of information.

He went to the Virgin Islands to meet with contributors. Such an offshore stunt provides privacy and anonymity for the "contributors", all of which can afford the time and money for their "Let's buy us a Senator" jaunt to the Islands.

The smell of rat feces is everywhere.

Two Democratic Senate buddies, South Dakota's Tim Johnson and Oregon's Jeff Merkley, have sent emails to their supporters seeking contributions to Sen. Reid's campaign.

Can you dig it? Two Senators, one from Oregon and the other from South Dakota, are begging money from their constituents to help an endangered Senator from Nevada.

Lots of itty-bitty rat tracks in the desert sands.

Who might run against Virgin Island Harry?
Nevada's Republican lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki, declared his candidacy last month but was subsequently indicted for suspect accounting practices during his time as state treasurer.
The sewer rats have made plain their upcoming game plan... anyone who intends to run against one of the Light Bringer's team members will face accusations of everything from cooking the books to child molestation.

It's going to be a great election cycle, full of charges and counter-charges. Stories will get juicier, charges will get nastier, lawyers will get richer.

Expect stuff something like this:
California Republican Governor Arnold Swartzenegger announced he intends to run for president and was immediately accused by prominent Democrats of spreading AIDS amongst illegal immigrant homosexual quadriplegics in Los Angeles...AND San Francisco... and in your home town elementary schools.
American politics... Already at the bottom and digging even deeper.

One final scurrilous comment:

I'll wager that there was not one single virgin - male of female - anywheres near that gaggle of Virgin Island contributors... at least not for very long.

Male or female? Don't forget that Rep. Barney Franks - another rat in the pack - just came out of the closet and announced his fondness for man-on-man sex.

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