Saturday, December 20, 2008

Job One... Duck And Cover

Now that the Obama team is headed for the White House, the two top dogs are already headed for the bomb shelters.

Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden says the economy is in danger of "absolutely tanking", but hey, it ain't his fault, and President-elect Barak Obama says the recovery will take years, not months, but hey, it ain't his fault either.

For the first time in their political lives, they were speaking the total truth. Were any of you really expecting this dynamic duo to actually do something helpful? They are politicans, not businessmen. Neither one has a clue as to how run a business and make a profit, or how the economy actually works. International trade to them is the process of exchanging a Japanese stock for a German stock.

They can talk, spend trillions of your future dollars, and raise taxes beyond your wildest imaginations. That's about it.

Remember the old saw about digging a hole clear to China? Well guess what... these clowns - along with the SOB's in Congress - will dig a financial hole of debt and obligation so deep it will finally reach China... and you already know who gets tossed into it.

Look forward to it.

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