Friday, December 19, 2008

They're Prepared... Yeah, Right

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson considered the prospect of civil unrest while he pushed for September's Wall Street bailout – even suggesting martial law might be essential.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama's pick for secretary of Homeland Security, would not provide comment to the Business Journal on the possibility of civil unrest during economic crisis. But state and local police indicated that they have trained for such an event.

"The Phoenix Police Department is not expecting any civil unrest at this time, but we always train to prepare for any civil unrest issue. We have a Tactical Response Unit that trains continually and has deployed on many occasions for any potential civil unrest issue," Phoenix Police spokesman Andy Hill said.

"We have well established plans in place for such civil unrest," Scottsdale Police spokesman Mark Clark told the Business Journal.

Maricopa County Sheriff Deputy Chief Dave Trombi concurred: "We're prepared."

Hear all that whistling in the dark?

Last month, trends forecaster Gerald Celente told Fox News that America will morph into the first "undeveloped" nation of the world by 2012. He said there will be a tax revolution marked by "food riots, squatter rebellion, tax revolts and job marches." He also said by 2012, the holidays will be more about getting food rather than gifts.

1- TAX REVOLUTION BY 2012. Consider... the Bush administration has already committed seven and one-half trillion dollars to this financial institution bailout. Obama wants to spend another trillion dollars creating short term dead-end temporary jobs. Just imagine the coming tax burden necessary to pay for all that.

2- FOOD RIOTS. We have serious food shortages in many countries right now, caused by - believe it or not - the United States program of corn for ethanol. Obama will expand this incredibly stupid program, putting even greater pressure on the dwindling food supply.

3- SQUATTER REBELLION. Millions of people in homes being foreclosed on - for the second time - with no place to go. They will stay. There will be violence, there will be blood.

4- JOB MARCHES. As more and more our our good jobs are exported overseas, and more and more illegals swarm into take the remaining low-paying but still available menial jobs, there will be "job marches" and they will turn into full-blown riots. More violence, more blood.

If the riots become food riots(the very worst) with armed men in the streets trying to find food for their families, there's not a single police department in the United States prepared for that. The bleak reality is that they would be overwhelmed in minutes.

And the cops say they are prepared for all this. That is whistling in the dark taken to all-new levels. If the federal government puts armed troops into the streets, which side will those troops support? Think long and hard before you answer, because they won't be American troops, they will be foreign troops, UN troops.

Sound totally improbable? Then why are the governments - Both state and federal - worried about it? And making all those plans?

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