Monday, May 29, 2006

Why, Mr. President?

President Bush stated today that we must finish our mission in Iraq.

The first question that popped into my head was "why"?

He says it is to honor those who have died. That would be a remarkable change, considering this government's track record.

Just look at what this federal government has done by giving presidents' the power to attack and invade nations without even a declaration of war. After years of conflict, billions of dollars and thousands of American lives lost, Viet Nam is solidly in the hands of the enemy. We just pulled out, and all those who died, died for NOTHING. We didn't defeat communism in Viet Nam... just look at China, 100 percent communist and growing stronger every day.

Afghanistan is rising against us. Iraq is wearing us down, and just like in Viet Nam, this federal government will pull out of both those nations, making the sacrifice of every single American who has died in them a wasted life. We have not even gotten close to capturing or killing Osama in all this time, the man behind 911.

Bosnia, Somalia, Cuba... dozens of other places where this federal government interfered, manipulated, and invaded, costing American lives and treasure, all the while making more and more enemies.

This government -- for the last half-century -- has developed the repulsive habit of charging in, getting it's nose bloodied, and pulling out, leaving thousands of Americas young men and women broken or dead, billions in debt, while all the time looking ahead for the next great "conquest".

Every American that has died in Iraq had died for nothing. They are not protecting America over there in Iraq, or in Afghanistan. They are dying at this presidents pleasure. The minute the United States finally pulls out -- and it will -- the Iraqis and the Afganistans will go back what they have been for countless centuries. This American imposed "democracy" will fade like an ink drop in a swimming pool.

We have troops in one hundred and twenty countries. One hundred and twenty. What possible reason can there be for us to have armed troops in one hundred and twenty countries? We are making life-long enemies in each and every one of those countries, even the supposedly "friendly" ones.

When did this nation decide that inserting troops in over half the world would be in our best interest? Has anyone ever looked past the short-term gains and really considered the consequences?

So, I don't know why. Neither does George Bush. He's trapped in a neocon nightmare of his own making that has no acceptable end.

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