Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nobody In Washington Is Stupid... Or Misinformed

Any person who ends up walking the corridors of power in Washington is not stupid.

Any person who becomes a president, or a senator, or a representative, or a Supreme Court judge, or even an appointee in some bureaucracy of this massive federal government, did not get there out of ignorance, or simple-mindedness, or because of an overriding belief for fairplay and honesty.

They all got where they are by making deals with those who have the power and the money to guarantee their success as a member of the federal government -- not as a representative of the people -- but as a bought-and-paid-for agent, guaranteed to provide exactly what those hidden behind the scenes want.

This federal government is no longer a government "of the people, by the people, for the people". It no longer supports the United States of America, the 50 sovereign states that make up this great nation. It is a government owned and operated by big business, giant international corporations and truly "evil" individuals of incredible power and influence. None of them support the United States of America.

They have no interest in America's future. They are interested only in using America and its vast resources for their own personal benefit, and for the benefit of their friends and cohorts.

Every elected official in Washington knows and understands this. They know it before they get there and most willingly become a part of it when elected. They become seduced by the power, the position and the perks that Washington provides to the faithful.

Nobody in Washington is stupid, but the vast majority of them have become 100% traitors, and not by accident. The proof is all around us, drowning us all. They have lied, cheated and mislead us to get -- and stay -- where they are. They are drunkards, murderers, child molesters, con artists... you name it... you can find them in Washington, supposedly representing us, supposedly good church-going Christians, supposedly concerned about our health and welfare. They are not.

They are great communicators, marvelous manipulators, fantastic spinners... but liars all. They give Americans only enough to prevent a backlash at the voting booth that would throw them all out.

If there are any true Americans left in Washington, they are invisible... and silenced, so we average, middle-class American citizens need to let these people know that we are aware of why they are in Washington, and if they don't start giving us an even break, they're going down.

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