Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Genderless Bathrooms, Clueless People

From the Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera:
A transgender task force wants to bring more "all-gendered" bathrooms to the University of Colorado-Boulder campus...

"It's about creating more welcoming spaces," Bryce Abelson told the newspaper.

Abelson identified himself as "gender queer," a person who is neither male or female. He said he doesn't feel comfortable in the men's bathroom and gets strange looks when he walks in the women's bathroom.
What we apparently have here is a modern day self-proclaimed eunuch complaining about the toilet facilities. Personally, I have never considered a toilet as a "welcoming place".

It is not talking about a real bathroom here, where you strip down naked and get washed up, perhaps along with some naked and prancing lovelies... it is talking about the toilet, where you dump and smell up the place.

So, before you young studlies out there start thinking that sharing the toilet with the girls would be a totally cool thing, perhaps you should consider a line from a movie awhile back, in which two young pretties were discussing a potential male bedmate:

Says one,"Are you kidding? I would never screw a guy whose sh*t stinks like that!"
I'm curious... what does this "gender queer" have sex with? Another male "gender queer"? A female "gender queer"? Perhaps just listening to -- and watching -- women doing very private things is enough to satisfy this individual's sexual urges.

One other thing... I'm certain what there are many Moms and Dads out there that will be just thrilled to learn that they can now send their teenaged daughter to a college where the privacy of the restroom has been eliminated in favor of this new "friendlier" space, where gender queers can go to listen and watch... and perhaps leave a bit of bodily fluid behind on the floor in the process.

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