Thursday, May 25, 2006

May I Go To The Bathroom, Mr. Vincente?

The amusingly named "Immigration Reform Bill" just passed by the Senate contains a zinger added to it by a tactic called a "Managers amendment" just twenty minutes before the full Senate vote.

It says that we, us, you and I, the United States, any state at all, will be required -- by federal law -- to get permission from Mexico for any kind of fence we may wish to build anywhere along the border.

That's just about the final straw.

At this point, I think I would support any motion in any state government to secede from this Washington based batch of lunatics called the "federal government".

Even better, I think I would support a state, or multi-state movement to totally abolish this Washington based nest of brigands.

Webster defines a brigand as one who "lives by plunder, usually as a member of a group or band." Spot on.

They have run us into a debt so large that we are far beyond any chance at all of ever paying it off, given away all our good jobs, handed the entire country over to big business interests, got us into this endless war between religions in the Middle East, handed our sovereignty over to the HAGUE and the United Nations, and have almost completely destroyed the value of the America dollar.They have poisoned our public school system to the point that most graduates cannot even read and comprehend a simple employment form. They have passed who knows how many laws restricting our freedom of -- or from -- religion, the very concept on which this nation was formed.

What on earth do we need them for? Just get rid of them, and let each state conduct it's own business as the sovereign entity it really is.

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