Friday, May 05, 2006

The President Said WHAT?

On CNN last night, a CIA veteran analyst with over twenty five years experience -- the one who just recently showed that Rumsfeld is a liar -- said in an interview that our president, George W. Bush, while discussing how to start up the Iraqi war with English prime minister Tony Blair, said to Blair comments along these lines:
Maybe we can paint a U2 to look like a UN aircraft and hope it gets shot down...

How can we convince people that there are WMD's when we know for a fact there aren't any?
There was more, but I have not found any directly quotable references to the conversations yet, since the show transcripts are not yet posted.

According to this CIA veteran, the English have official records of this conversation and are ready and willing to prove it.

It is worth the time and effort for every Amercian to chase this down and find the truth.

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