Friday, May 19, 2006

Test Site Observer

"David of One" thinks I might be a volunteer:
So your volunteering to observe either the Israeli, British and/or American test sites? The Saudi test site might also be available.
Sure... why not?

I would be perfectly safe at any of those places, except Israel. Why?

The Iranians know exactly what would happen if they attacked America. Our planes and rockets would reduce their entire infrastructure to rubble in a matter of hours. Their dams, water works, power plants, government centers, airports, radar sites, military bases, all up in smoke before the next sunrise.

They won't attack England either, but for a different reason... a waste of resources. England is nothing more than a defanged old bulldog, hiding comfortably under America's back porch.

Saudi Arabia? Get serious...Saudi Arabia is on their side, not ours. It was a group of Saudi Arabians, led by an influential and oil-rich Saudi Arabian, that were the attackers on 911, not the Iraqis, not the Afgans, not the Iranians.

Don't believe for a second all the hype that Israel alone could take out Iran without using their limited stockpile of atomic weapons.

Here's the actual formula that sane people understand:
Conflict + Atomics = World War + Nuclear Winter
Which means the end of today's civilization, and back to the caves for everybody, believers and non-believers alike.

That's why the Jews want an attack to be led by us Americans. We can squash another of Israel's numerous eternal enemies without atomics... just like we did Iraq.

The Jews and the Arabs/Muslims have been at war since the dawn of history. Another battle between them is just a matter of time. Sooner or later, if these pugnacious and arrogant people can't get together and find a peace between them, one is going to destroy the other, totally and completely. Maybe they'll destroy each other, like in the predicted Armageddon. As long as the rest of the world and America stays out, we can watch the whole thing on evening TV.

Our real problem is that the "American" Jews and Israel have been incredibly successful in getting the United States federal government ensnared in this endless war over who owns what pile of Middle East sand.

That's their game. I have chosen not to play. So should you. So should America.

A caution: The last time that religion controlled governments and nations we collapsed into the "Dark Ages", a horrid time of misery, torture and ignorance for our western civilization. The next "Dark Age" will be much worse.

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