Saturday, May 13, 2006

Citizenship For Sale

This coming Monday President Bush is going to address the nation with his plan on what to do about the twenty million illegal aliens infesting America.

I predict he will want them to pay a "fine", make some promises, sign some papers, and then after some fixed period of time, he will want to give them American citizenship.

Those illegals who actually do get caught may pay the fine -- or not. Many will just allow themselves to be returned to the border, and then slip back across at the first opportunity. Isn't that nice? A free trip back to the Mexican border -- compliments of the American taxpayer and George Bush -- a chance to visit family and friends, and then right back to the same old thing.

Other illegals will pay the fine and then do whatever Bush's plan wants them to do: promise to learn English, promise to buy auto insurance, promise to pay taxes, whatever it takes to keep their jobs, hoping that Americans will forget the whole thing in a few months or so.

But... Bush fails to grasp the most basic flaw in his great plan. The vast majority of these illegals don't want American citizenship. All they want is the jobs, and to hell with the damned gringos who lose their jobs because of them. Don't for a second believe that teeny tiny minority of Mexicans on TV who wave our flag and declare how they crave becoming an American citizen... in their broken English, and with a backdrop of screaming illegals behind them... waving Mexican flags.

And, of course so many American businesses don't give a damn about that poor gringo either... all they want is cheap, cheap labor.

All the average American wants is a fair shake, but I don't think Bush and his big business buddies have any intention whatever... of giving them one.

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