Thursday, May 18, 2006

And The Beat Goes On...

By Aaron Klein

Israel and the international community should consider carrying out strategic strikes now against Iran's nuclear facilities to stall its suspected uranium enrichment activities, Israeli Knesset member Effie Eitam told WND yesterday during an interview.
Wait a minute.

Israel wants the international community" to help bomb the hell out of Iran to "stall its suspected uranium enrichment facilities"?

Before I go any further on this, you and I need to realize and understand that we -- you and I -- know nothing factual about Iran's nuclear weapons capability. There has been no proof of any kind provided. What we have been exposed to is nothing more than media chit-chat and the typical dread and doom warnings from pro-Israeli propagandists, so don't go fly off the handle with gossip about how the Iranians are about to make H-bombs and turn Israel into a radioactive wasteland.

Yes, this Irani President is a loud-mouthed blow hard, playing to his public, what with all his threats about the destruction of Israel, but it's just more rabble-rousing noise. Iran is petrol rich, far larger than Iraq, and has four times as many citizens. We don't need to get mired down there. What we do need is to get the "warriors" influence out of the Oval Office and get some people in there who will actually talk to the Arabs and Muslims in a real search for a solution... rather than the present Bush/Israeli approach to bomb, kill and destroy.

Note that this Israeli cabinet member mentions only "suspected" activities -- not a peep about any sort of actual weapons -- and soft peddles the idea with words like "strategic strike" and "stall".

What he is really saying is that Israel wants the international community to bomb and destroy multiple targets in Iran without a shread of real evidence that it is necessary. We Americans listened to that sort of drivel when Bush, Powell and Rumsfeld guaranteed to us all that Iraq had warehouses full of WMD's. Where are they? Bush has had three years to find them, to prove they existed, and that they were about to be used. What have we got? Zero. Zip. Nada.

Eitam, chairman of the National Union Party and a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, warned Israel would need to attack Iran by itself if the international community led by the United States fails to successfully halt Tehran's nuclear program within about a year.
Well, if Effie Eitam and the rest of his ilk cannot provide some real proof to justify a "Pearl Harbor" style attack -- no declaration of war -- on Iran by America, he and his Israeli buddies should be laughed right out of town.

Remember, we still have no reliable "on-the-ground" intelligence gathering capability in Iran, and I absolutely refuse to accept the notion that America can be justified in attacking any nation -- anywhere -- on nothing more than Jewish claims and rhetoric.

Another Iraq is something thing we just do not need... and cannot afford.

So... before Bush sends the American military galloping off into the Iranian sands, he'd better show us something like an actual nuclear test detonation conducted by the Iranians -- something absolutety necessary to prove the operational status of any Iranian nuclear device -- or walk away from the whole idea.

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