Wednesday, May 10, 2006

President Bush Reverses Course, Now Pro-Choice

Bush is visiting a bunch of Florida Seniors (code term for retired New York Jews), and has told them the reason there are some forty different drug plans for this Medicare Part D is because he believes in offering choices.

He said you get to choose a plan that provides the drugs you need, since different plans cover different problems.

How's that again? You choose a plan that provides the drugs you need today. How about tomorrow, or next year, when you are sick with something your chosen plan won't cover?

What crap.

Either this drug plan covers you, or it does not. This garbage plan Bush is pushing is like an automobile insurance policy that covers an accident that damages your right front fender, but not your left rear fender, leaving you to guess which fender might to be damaged in your next unforeseen accident... a genuine crap shoot.

I am retired, but I am also healthy. I do not need or use any kind or prescription drug, nor do I need to. As a result, I have not chosen any of these bogus coverage plans, since they will all cost me money, every month -- month in and month out -- whether I need some pills or not.

I may need some type of prescription drug in the future , but for what? I have no idea. There is no plan for that. What I could use is a bit of help with my aging teeth... but there is no plan for that either.

I could also use a plan that says "no thanks" to this Medicare Part D, that requires I endlessly pay for something I don't use or want at present... or get penalized.

Seems to me that this Bush plan is just another way to get millions of healthy citizens to donate more money to the corporations -- in this case, the insurance corporations -- that he ceaslessly bends over for.

The only pills I take nowadays is Excedrin -- non-prescription, and not covered by any plan -- that I take for the headaches I get whenever Bush starts talking.


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