Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Tip of The Iceberg

The United States federal government is just like an iceberg. Nine-tenths of it is below the surface, unseen, but it is the unseen part that is determining the ultimate course of this nation.

This unseen part of today's federal government is seldom exposed to public scrutiny, but the exposure of this massive illegal alien invasion into our nation has given us all the chance to catch a glimpse of what is generally hidden from our eyes.

The visible part of this federal government -- the tip -- the part we see and hear from daily, consists of the supposed flag-waving, all-American, Constitution supporting, god-fearing, born-again Christians, once so successfully portrayed by the likes of George Bush, but it has become horribly obvious that George Bush is none of those things. Neither is the vast majority of the House and Senate.

The hidden part is the where the agenda of those treasonous sons-of-bitches have been implementing their plans, slowly but surely destroying America as a free and independent nation in the process, the only true Republic on Earth.

At this very moment we have a President with the lowest poll numbers since Nixon, still deaf and blind to the massive national outcry against his plans that demand amnesty for a cheap and ignorant illegal work force. His defiant arrogance on this subject exposes his real purpose, to continue this federal government's disastrous course to assimilate America into this one-world nightmare where international corporations rule all, where cheap labor trumps all other considerations.

There are -- of course -- other nefarious plans afoot , but this illegal alien problem has brought the whole ugly beast to the surface. For example, there are "treaties" that have been signed by agents of this federal government that completely give away our sovereignty.

Our President, our Senators, our Representatives don't listen to us because they are not in Washington to represent us. They are in Washington to further the interests and desires of the one-worlders and the huge international corporations that have no loyalty or alligence to any nation.

This illegal alien "immigration reform" farce is forcing these traitors to the surface, into the light of day, where all they can do is "keep on keeping on" with the same agenda, even as they risk their political careers and legacies.

It's amusing -- but very sad -- to witness these rats scurrying around in the daylight, squeaking madly, desperately trying to find a hole to crawl back in.

We are fast approaching the time when Americans will finally heed -- and act on -- the words of Thomas Jefferson, despite the fact that he was correct when he talked about the "blood of patriots".

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