Saturday, May 27, 2006

When Fear Trumps All

Friday, May 26, 2006, should be remembered as the day the United States Federal Government was shut down for over four hours by workers apparently fixing an elevator.
The Rayburn House Office Building was locked down for more than four hours today after a New Jersey congressman reported hearing the sound of gunfire in the building's garage.

The noise apparently came from construction work being done in the building, Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said.

"There were some workers . . . in the area of the Rayburn garage, in the elevator area, and in doing their routine duties they made some sort of a noise that sounded like shots fired," Schneider said.
The sounds of normal, everyday maintenance work sent this federal government into full panic mode. What a priceless lesson for our enemies.

What are these people afraid of? What causes them to react and flee in panic at rumors of gunshots, rumors erroneously based on the normal sounds of workmen?

Why are they so scared?

Perhaps, just perhaps, being insiders, they realize how many deadly enemies worldwide this federal government has made with it's polices of constant international interference, manipulation and military incursion. Maybe they are far more aware of the plans being made by nations around the world who want to obliterate America and destroy all things american.

Perhaps they believe the time is fast approaching when one or more of our mortal enemies will strike and live in constant fear of that day, knowing full well that those enemies -- when they strike -- will offer no mercy, give no quarter.

Or, perhaps they fear ordinary Americans, the people they have helped this federal government to grievously abuse and double-cross for decades.

Must be one of the two. Fear like that demonstrated by this lockdown does not exist without reason. This is not the re-action of a confidant, self-assured government. It is the reaction of one waiting for the hammer to fall.

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