Thursday, November 01, 2012

The March Of The Lemmings

Election day is arriving. Millions of  Americans, dual-citizened aliens and outright illegal aliens will vote for the next president and Congress.

Maybe you have looked over voter guides, studied fact sheets and read articles showing both sides of everything.

Good for you.

But, here's the scary part about a big bunch of those other voters:

-1) Only two out of five can name the three branches of government.
-2) Only one in seven can find Iraq on a map.
-3) Very few can even name their Congressional representative.
-4) Most do not know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic.
-5) Most have no clue as to what the 2nd amendment is or provides.
-6) Many are not even American citizens.

The once held belief that everyone in the population needed to understand the most complex problems in order to make a decision on how to vote is long gone.

Based on a theory sometimes known as the “miracle of aggregation”, the idea now is that a large group of voters can make decisions rooted in ignorance without causing undue damage... provided there is even a small minority that can make well-informed decisions. The bulk of these ignorant and/or uneducated voters will behave in a way that is almost random and thus cancel each other out at the ballot box. The few that are informed or knowledgeable enough will then swing the balance.  This may work pretty well in most parts of life. The audience of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” is right 91% of the time, for example.

Problem is... This uninformed group of voters no longer vote randomly. They are easily swayed one way or another by opinionated notables that generally have a private axe to grind.

The Progressives and the socialists  have learned this lesson well and have infiltrated and taken over the Democratic party as their base of operations. They have  welcomed into this "new" Democratic party all manner of splinter groups... the Feminists, the Greens, the LGBT crowd, the unions, the angry and "oppressed" minorities, the army of invading illegals,  all adding their voices and their votes to one side only, all interested in gaining advantage for their particular group and to hell with everybody else. As a result, this "miracle of aggregation" that once balanced out the effects of the uneducated and ignorant in our voting booths no longer works.

That is how a Marxist like Obama won the White House, bringing with him Communist and Marxist sympathizers like Van Jones, Valerie Jarret,  David Axelrod and a host of other anti-American radicals bent on changing this nation into something most Americans will not recognize. They have mastered the art of leading the lemmings. Over the decades, they have infiltrated our schools, colleges and universities and successfully created a huge block of supposedly educated lemmings that in reality react predictably and unthinkingly to every poke and prod.

Will this huge block of lemming-like voters allow Obama and his radicals to  keep the White house and finish their transformation of America into a socialist nation controlled by the unelected power brokers of Europe?

We'll know in just a few more days.


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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

On the other side you have the religious communists of the Roman Catholic CULT who believe in something called "liberation theology" - think Reverend Jeremiah Wright, for a glaring example of what that means.
These communists are called Neocons - they're the ones responsible for the push for Romneycare, perpetual war and an ever-growing militarized police state, and they walked by two excellent chances to defund 0bamacare & handed that communist the power to indefinately detain you, ship you off to anywhere in the world to do it and revoke all your rights & citizenship if he "feeeeeels" you might become a terrorist.
That's your modern GOP!
Sleep well on that thought.