Sunday, November 11, 2012

Numbers And Reality

The New National Anthem

The election is over and the number crunchers have finished gathering all the voting trends data.

Here's the way Americans voted:

93% of blacks voted for Obama.
71% of Mexicans voted for Obama.
72% of Asian voted for Obama.
85% of Muslims voted for Obama.

59% of Whites voted for Romney.

To state it differently, a stunning number of minorities - along with 41% of whites - voted for the non-white democratic candidate.

A few realities need to to pointed out at this turning point in America history.

The Democratic party, always the Progressive/Socialistic party of  bigger and bigger government, is now also the party of  nearly all voting non-whites.  They have gathered enough minorities under their tent to always assure a victory for the democratic candidate.

The democrats will now do two obvious things: 1) - They will grant amnesty to those millions of illegals already here in the United States. These new minority "Americans" will vote overwhelmingly Democratic as they  now do, and, 2) - The democrats will make it even easier for immigrants of all stripes to enter America. This will also increase their percentage of any vote.

Simply put,  the Republican party is finished. There will never again be another Republican president.

Of course, 41% of white Americans will see this as a victory. They have been convinced that whites - particularly white males,  are inherently evil and the prime cause of all the worlds ills.

The democrats will do something else, something not so obvious now, but soon will be. They will take more and more money money from the middle class(still predominately white) and give it to the poor(still predominately non-white.) Do not believe the democrats if they say otherwise... they must do this to retain control.

So, if you are a white male, or a white female not married to or living with a non-white, prepare to get burdened with more and more taxes on your income.Your quality of life will go down - guaranteed - as non-whites take more power and more of the nations assets and wealth.

Look at the above photo. What - or who - do they think they have overcome?

One other interesting statistic: White males own over 90% of the guns in America.

Perhaps that's one reason why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is working so diligently to get the UN to outlaw private ownership of guns.

Perhaps thats why FEMA and the DHS have been buying millions and millions of rounds of ammunition.

Perhaps FEMA and the DHS have now become a part of that "civilian" army Obama called for, the one he said should be as large and as well equipped as the United States Army, but an army solely under the control of the president.

None of this is accidental, all of is just a part of the grand plan Progressives have been pushing for decades.

I can see to good outcome from any of this.

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