Saturday, November 03, 2012

Vote... But For What?

Almost time to vote.

What will we be voting for? Less taxes?  Less debt? Less government? Less war?  Better medical coverage? Better schools?  Honest government?

Or more to the point, what do we think we will be voting for?

Not a chance. Anyone with a functional brain realizes both candidates will have to raise taxes, regardless of claims to the contrary. That, or be the sitting president when the nation goes bankrupt.

No way. The government will collapse overnight if it quits borrowing more money. We are in a death spiral of debt with no foreseeable way out.

Not a chance in hell. The Progressive and Socialists now in power - people who believe in an all-powerful government that is all things to all people - will continue their relentless push to larger and larger government.

That's a non-starter. Both presidential candidates fully understand that the military-industrial complex is the only healthy and fully-funded industry in the United States. Way too many of the rich and powerful make their millions from this source, and only war - declared or not - can justify the  cost. When Romney says he will refund the military, he's telling the truth, but he is really talking of refunding the military-industrial complex. When Obama says he will reduce the military, he is lying. He will not be allowed to do such a ting.

Nope. Our medical system has reached its peak and will begin declining faster every day. Those in the medical industry have made care so expensive that individuals cannot possibly afford decent care on their own. They must have insurance or government assistance for even the smallest of medical emergencies. But - more and more - employers are dropping medical coverage from their benefits packages because of high cost, while the government is trimming back every aspect of its Medicare coverage. Doctors nationwide are increasingly refusing to take on any more medicare patients because there's not enough money in it.

Get serious. No country on earth has spent more money on its school system. Our school problem is not money. It is the teachers, the professors and the administrators who do not believe in the America our parents knew. They are the totally conditioned cretins who have been promoting ideas like "There are no winners and no losers. Everybody gets a medal just for showing up". They do not believe in individual excellence or achievement. To them, our children are just a herd of bodies that need guidance and help from birth to death. And ask any one of them... They truly believe they are the ones to do all that guiding.

If there is any one thing this nation needs to do, it is to rid itself of all those misguided and brainwashed pawns.

One election, or the replacing of a few politicians in one election will not even begin to accomplish that. It will take years - if not decades - to do that with the ballot box.

So, when you go vote, what is it you are hoping to accomplish? Your vote  does not matter to those in charge of everything, because whoever is on that ballot is already a part of scheme. They are already bought and paid for.

Sadly, those who would actually make a difference in government will never be on any ballet anywhere, because they will not have received the money and support necessary to win.

There will be millions voting for more handouts and government freebies, even if we as a nation can no longer afford any of them.

This is the inescapable trap our politicians have built for themselves by buying the votes for decades with handouts and government largess...  rather than intelligent and responsible government service.

No matter how you vote - or don't vote - this all ends soon.

Who is the president - Democrat or Republican - when we go over the cliff won't matter to anyone but the historians.

The numbers just don't lie. There is no way be can pay off our national debt, a debt scheduled to increase by a trillion dollars every year for the foreseeable future.

When our government can no longer borrow a penny from anywhere and when the Fed finally prints so much of its money(federal reserve notes) that it becomes worthless,  the axe will fall. This will happen in months, not years.

Get prepared. It will be quite a ride.


W.LindsayWheeler said...

I will not be voting, at all. It's over. It's done. The country that I grew up in is dead and it ain't coming back.

I'd rather hold a funeral than vote.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Cloward-Piven: The systematic overloading of the system with so much obligation and dependency that the leaders resort to wholesale wealth-redistribution (communism).
Both the Establishment Party candidates are owned by the same people and subscribe to their VeldtSchtaater agenda...Who and what the JEWnited abomiNations will live off of after we are as enslaved as they are will be interesting to see.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

I posted this at another blog and I thought I should share this as well:

This whole think kinda puts the lie to the so-called "modern republicanism" that sought to replace monarchy for all of its "evils". I know of no monarch that is betraying their country but I know a whole slew of leaders of republics that are. Carter, the Bushes, Clinton, Sarkozy, the last British Prime Ministers and these two idiots, Obama/Romney, show that republics put out worse characters than any monarchy could. Some monarchs were mediocre, but no monarch ever betrayed their country like these morons would do with race replacement.

It is about time that we return to the Old Order, of Throne and Altar, folks. Your modern republicansim is the stepping stone to globalization and they are betraying you.

Under the Old Order of Throne and Altar, the Jews were suppressed. "Modern Republicanism", I believe, was an invention of the Jews to destroy Christendom and give them freedom. Now, we are controlled by the Jews. The Jews are our (pseudo-)aristocracy.

Bob said...


Calling a spade a spade nowadays can be hazardous to your health, your credit rating, your ability to find work... lots of things.

But I gotta admire you for it.