Friday, November 23, 2012

Minorites Won the Day, The Election And The Nation

A witless idiot celebrating his own demise. He is not a part
 of the "we", unless he is one of the below named minorities.

This last election, in which a majority of voters - a coalition of minorities -  re-elected a bi-sexual black man, An anti-Constitutional Statist raised under the beliefs and teachings of Marx and Lenin, a man who - along with his radical wife - has demonstrated open hostility towards what has been described as "white America", a man claiming to be a Christian, but by his actions has exposed his Muslim roots.

This coalition of minorities re-elected a man who believes there are no consequences to massively growing the greatest national debt the world has ever seen, that more taxes and regulation will bring about prosperity, that free everything for everybody is the right formula for peace and prosperity, that the American Republic created primarily by the evil, vicious and greedy white man should be destroyed and replaced by a nation of tree-hugging, windmill-loving, non-Christian Gaia worshiping diversity-loving minorities in a paradise of zero industrial pollution, electric cars, equality and love.

Sounds great. Now let's see if they can pull it off.

This coalition of minorities is - of course - celebrating what they consider a great victory and now realize that this last election was a game-changer of epic proportions, which it was. The white male has been bested in this national king-of-the-hill game. The white male, after decades of assault, has been dethroned and cast out by a coalition of minorities that now expect their long anticipated rewards.

How can we generally identify these individual minority groups?

Well, a good way is to define them as they define themselves. They are:

Women, particularly feminists
Native Americans
Homosexuals of all stripes
Any kind of non-American foreigner
Anyone claiming any religious belief other than Christianity
(original list over at http:// trueanomaly.blotspot,com))

What these groups of minorities haven't fully realized yet is that only one of them will be able to be on top, to be number one, to be the group that makes all the critical decisions. Let the infighting begin.

As usual, after any major victory, the masses of cannon fodder-type soldiers that won the day for their leaders will be demanding their "right" to pillage and loot. Funny thing about this battle though: The nation these minorities just won has been looted already. There are no spoils left to divvy up except massive debt, a failing economy and a collapsing monetary system.

However, many of these neo-victors have been propagandized into believing that the homes, property and possessions of whomever they don't like is a part of the loot they now have a "right" to take, and that making a few new rules and regulations reflecting that attitude will make it all possible.

That's when they will find out they may have won a big battle, but the war is far from over.         


Astrosmith said...

You're welcome for the list.

I don't know, that guy in the picture looks kind of gay.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The gestapo tactics necessary to make all these losers work together will be mind-bogglingly expensive to establish & maintain.
BanKhazar will shut off the Great (pasty-)White Jewish Monya Schpigot long before that, and we'll find out what a third-world hellhole is...FIRST-HAND!

Bob said...

Sorry Astro...

I had intended to credit you for the list, but I got carried away with content and forget by the end of the piece.

As usual, I had to tone down the draft several times before I could let it go and that took a lot of time.

And my memory ain't what it used to be.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

Bob, you and Astrosmith have missed a group in the list.

You missed the


You wrote Bob: What these groups of minorities haven't fully realized yet is that only one of them will be able to be on top, to be number one, to be the group that makes all the critical decisions.

And then you conclude Let the infighting to begin.

No infighting will occur Bob because the Jews have already cornered the market. I know you and astrosmith, like many Americans, are philosemitic, but you have to look at reality. The Jews are our (pseudo-) aristocracy. They have been ruling this country. They own the media, they own Hollywood. They sit on our Supreme Court. I don't care who you elect, but around every candidate you have a bevy of Jewish handlers. George Bush and his people were all surrounded by Jews.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in his book Liberty or Equality mentions that at the time after WWI, the Jews were considered the aristocracy of Europe. Everywhere they go, they gravitate to power.

Those minorities that you mention---they are all the stormtroopers for the Jews.

The Jews control and direct this country. Protestantism helped the Jews gain freedom and now the Jews, in which they helped, have now destroyed a Protestant Country.

You don't believe me Bob--What was the show "All in the Family" about? Who was Archie Bunker? "All in the Family" was created by a Jew to make fun of and deconstruct the WASP. In my whole life, I have never attacked Jews nor made fun of their culture or nothing but here is a Jew that excruciatingly attacked, mocked and destroyed WASP culture before our very eyes. And everybody laughed. How dumb are we? That is why they call us the "goyim".

Bob said...


Some members of my family have to work with powerful Jews in the entertanment and banking industry every day, a reality of business they have to face.

What they don't need is me stirring the pot with flaming blog posts about an ethnic minority that can - with one word - ruin their businesses.

So I stay nice, but let comments go where they may.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

It is okay if you want to delete the post, Bob. I don't care. You should. There are other blogs that cover this.

texlahoma said...

The presidential election reminds me of a local election we recently had.

It was about raising property taxes.

It occurred to me how wrong it was to let people who don't own property to vote to raise taxes on people who do.

Once the majority of people don't own property, they can just say:
"Hey lets tax the crap out of the people lucky enough to own property!"
It sounds like a great idea to them. Then later only the super wealthy can afford to own property.Then a little later, they are wondering why their rent went up so much. "I use to be able to afford to rent a three bedroom house, but now I can barely afford rent on a tiny efficiency apartment, what happened?"

Bob said...


I have always believed that non-property owners should never be allowed to determine the taxes imposed on property owners.

Allowing this travesty to occur is one of the biggest injustices ever foisted on the productive citizens of this nation.

In truth, all we got for all those property taxes is communist-run schools that have turned our children against us.

that -all by itself - is justification enough to drag those cretins out and execute them all.