Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Voting Breakdown By Counties

The below red-blue map shows where Obama got his support:

The Northeast, Union strongholds in the North Central, the west coast,  borderlands with Mexico, Mexican strongholds in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, black strongholds along the Mississippi Valley, Caribbean immigrant strongholds in Eastern Florida.

What will now happen?

Obama's "transformation of the United States of America" will swing into high gear.

Congressional gridlock will continue and become worse. Obama will not - ever -  reach across the aisle. He will instead rule by edict from the White House using executive orders, totally bypassing Congress and the Courts.

The fed will continue to print massive amounts of paper money, and will continue even as the dollar slowly turns into toilet paper. 

Lisa Jackson of the EPA will continue to close our coal-fired electrical plants, replacing them with nothing. And - as Obama promised - prices of electricity will skyrocket.

Secretary of State Clinton's agreement with the UN to ban guns worldwide will become law.

Businesses will continue their exodus out of the nation.

We will not - under any possbile scenario - become energy independent.

Israel will attack Iran and receive little to no willing support from Obama.

Total amnesty will become a reality for each and every illegal in the nation.

These are not predictions, since these events are all already in full swing. 

Enjoy the ride because you can't get off. But remember: You'll have to pay for it when it stops.


W.LindsayWheeler said...

America has succeeded in fulfilling Karl Marx's dream of the "Rule of the Proletariat". America is Marxist country. There is no turning around.

With Obamaphones, Obamacare, and Obamacars, the electorate is bought.

The country I grew up in is no more.

texlahoma said...

No blue in Ok! Makes me proud.
Looks like they are going to make a run for our guns, this is going to get ugly.

texlahoma said...

Ok, one look at Hilary Clinton and you know things are already ugly.