Friday, November 09, 2012


George Prescott Garnica(five O'clock shadow) Bush


Texans beware!

George P. Bush has filed the paperwork necessary for a bid for office in Texas, the latest sign the rising GOP star will run for something next year.

The Hispanic son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is a Texas-based GOP consultant and heads the Hispanic Republicans of Texas.
 and on top of his family connections is known as a compelling speaker and savvy campaign strategist.

Another Bush has his eyes on messing us all up even more than George H.W.  and George W. did, both of whom did their individual best to turn America over to the NWO.

Prescott Garnica may not think so, but any objective viewer will realise he is just another coattail rider with nothing to offer but his name and his "family connections", which - before all this is over - may quality him for a  much needed tar-and-feathering.

"He's been viewed as a rising star in Texas Republican politics..."
Really? Says who? A few of those entrenched RINO elitists still clinging to power?

This guy, if for no other reason than his "family connections", should not be allowed in politics anywhere.

Besides, you must never trust any politician that wears a pink silk tie.

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