Monday, November 12, 2012

Manna From The Feds

Money will continue to fall like rain from Washington:

But only for the Blue States

Here's something to watch for.

As we all settle into the second Obama term, look for federal funds to the predominately red States start to dry up and disappear.  From the very top down, the Obama Administration is loaded with the "payback time" kind of mentality, and that payback will be in the form of vanishing federal funds and onerous new regulations tailored exclusively for them.

States that went for Obama big time will continue to see federal largess, and will be given even more as reward for having  backed the incumbent.

Look for it... watch for it... it's going to happen.

Many red States will be in for a rude awakening as they discover they are far more dependent on federal handouts than they realized. How they react to this new reality will be most interesting to watch. Some will tighten their belts and adjust as necessary, others will try crawling back to Washington with their hands out, only to discover the incredibly high price that will be demanded for being allowed to rejoin the welfare society.

Eventually, a few States will rebel and tell the feds to go to hell. That's when the clock will start ticking to Obama's planned armed takeover of the entire nation.

Interesting times are ahead for us all.

Some of us may not accept it or believe it, but since when did that ever change anything?

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