Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Animal Gets His Fifteen Minutes

Zubin Bogdanoff, 300 pound Neanderthal

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – An 83-year-old man was allegedly the victim of a beating by a man 50 years younger than him in what Rocklin police are calling a road rage rampage.
Police said the incident started around 10 a.m. Saturday when the suspect, identified as 33-year-old Zubin Bogdanoff, didn’t like the way the elderly man was driving. Bogdanoff allegedly followed the man a half mile to his home and confronted him in his garage.

83-year-old men can't possibly defend themselves from attacks like this. That's why they are allowed to buy handguns and are issued permits(where required) to carry them. If  that elderly man had been carrying, this 300 pound out-of-control barbarian would now be where he rightly should be... on a slab in the morgue.

In a world of seven billion people, none of us need human excreta like this guy wandering around stirring the pot.

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