Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secession Movement Gathers Steam

Which United States Are You A Part Of?

As of this writing, Citizens of 40 States have now filed a secession request with the federal government.

Most political observers are poo-pooing the whole movement  as sour grapes or racism,  or something along those lines.

But consider this:

Not one single State petitioned for secession when Obama won his first four years as president. So this secession movement is not because he is black. Not one single State petitioned for secession because the Republicans lost and the Democrats won. So it's not because of sour grapes.

It's because of debt. Massive, overpowering debt.

As a candidate, Obama was the candidate of Hope and Change. Obama made many promises indicating he would be a good steward of the national finances. Most everybody was willing to give him a chance to deliver on his promises.

But rather than getting a handle on our national spending spree, he has added to the debt at a rate faster than any president in our history.

This National debt is 16 trillion and climbing, 6 trillion of that added by Obama during his first four years. The fact that Obama has been re-elected means it will increase by at least 1 trillion a year for the next ten years(he has told us so), and that every person who is presently a citizen of this federal government that now owes a personal bill on the debt of $189,000 will see their portion of this debt increase by almost 5% a year for the next ten years. That does not include the interest that will be tacked on.

If you are a part of an average family of five, your family - right now - owes $945,000 on the federal debt, not including interest and penalties.

At the end of these ten years of  Obama's rising debt, the national debt will be at least 26 trillion, and that family of five will owe $1,890,000, assuming the nation has not gone bankrupt. Don't forget the interest and penalties.

A lot of Americans are now realizing that this insane path to financial ruin being followed by the federal government is one they have no wish to be on. So, they are exercising their Constitutional right to  initiate  secession, not from these 50 United States by and under the Constitution, but from the legal entity known as the United States described as the District of Colimbia, it's territorities and its federal enclaves, the United States that the federal government exists in.

Look at your Drivers License. What State issued it? You are a Citizen of that State, and if that State secedes from the United States represented by the federal government, you just saved a fortune in debt the federal government wants you to pay back.

Remember, there are three United States. The United States entity the States are wishing to seperate themselve from is the United States legally defined as the District of Columbia, it's territoriess and federal enclaves, the entity in which the "federal"governement exists and controls.

States can secede from this federal entity, divesting theselves of its control and obligations, and still remain a part of these 50 United States united by and under the Constitution. People in such a State will still be a Citizen of these United States united by and under the Consttitution.  This is something you were not taught in school, but should have been.

If secession ever gets a real head of steam, it will be because of overpowering debt, not because a black man is president. The presidents color does not matter, his actions do.

Bottom line is: Sooner or later, everybody has to make hard decisions based on money. And what color anybody is will not have has a thing to do with it.

Time will tell how all this falls out. But forget this bogus "racism" charge. It's not about color, it's about debt.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Here's hoping all those petition-signers are quite prepared to lose everything...Including their lives.
I wonder how many of them are living off others thoughtlessly via the same gov't they claim to want to get rid of?
Do you really think Massa Obama gonna let yo azz go?
While it might be sound contemporary reasoning to take the gimme but claim the moral high ground over the guy hired to rob others on your behalf, inviting him to string you up on his own website still comes across as highly questionable...Even insane!
Just sayin'.