Thursday, September 28, 2006

The "War" On Drugs

The more I think about it, the angrier I get over this House Bill proposing strip searches of children in our schools as another "tool" in the federal government's war on drugs.

Just think for a moment. If there is anything that demonstrates the total failure of this so-called war, strip searching our children has got to be it. They now want to interdict drugs at the very end of the line--after all the profits have been make, after all the bribes have been paid, after no is left to punish--but our children.

The federal government refuses to defend our borders. This should be apparent even to the most simple-minded amongst us. Our borders are wide open, and the federal government obviously intends to keep them that way because of agreements made with Mexico, agreements such as NAFTA, GAT and others intended to promote a "borderless" North American "Union".

Even though the president talks of how much is being done to intercept drugs coming into America--and how our borders are being protected--the fact remains that less than one twentieth of the drug flow is being stopped. We are told that drug mules are tipped off as to where crossing will be safe at any particular time. They are told where our border patrols are, where the routes across are being watched and what routes are safe.

This--or course--allows for the delivery of countless tons of drugs into and across America without fear. Now, in yet another attempt to make it look like they are actually doing something, the House presents this idea that strip-searching our children at school is going to be helpful.We all are aware of the immense profits in drugs. We all need to be aware that this money can buy all manner of support from all manner of people... border patrol informants, Americans who profit in the sale of drugs, even some sheriffs, police chiefs, Mayors, business men and congressmen--both state and federal-- anyone who gets a piece of the drug money pie.

Oh yes... we are "winning" the war on drugs, but consider where we are supposedly winning... in other countries, and with the small-time, two-bit street dealers. The feds take down foreign drug czars and cartels with great fanfare, but not one single American drug lord has ever been arrested or taken down, the influential and powerful men who are safe and secure because of the money that buys them protection. We are shown videos of the DEA and SWAT teams kicking in the doors of some burnt-out sixties hippie happily smoking a joint, or the door of some two-bit ghetto dealer who has a few ounces of crack in his pocket. Literally thousands of these small-time losers are now in prison, thanks to these pointless raids that do absolutely nothing to stem the flow.

Now... Congress wants to make us think they are doing even more in this "war" by proposing that our children be strip-searched at school, making our kids both the victims and the criminals.What they are saying in so many words is that the federal government has failed so totally and completely that the only thing they can think of now is to blame the kids.

That’s the bottom of the barrel people. That should be the last hurrah of the despicable bastards who prey on us and our children.

If Americans won't rise to protect their children, then they fully deserve to be dumped into some obscure corner of history's dustbin.

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