Friday, September 08, 2006

The President On 9-11

We have just been told that President Bush will address the nation at 9PM this coming 9/11, the fifth anniversery of the WTC attack.

We will no doubt hear about how much safer we are, how much progress has been made in Iraq, how great and necessary the Patriot Act is, and he may even mention a thing or two about the federal government's plans on the upcoming confrontation with Iran.

He will most likely mention that our borders are much safer now that those few thousand clerks, bookkeepers and hash slingers in National Guard uniforms are somewhere in the southwest, maybe within a day's drive of the actual border, and how those twenty million illegals presently in America are really, really nice family folks who are honestly and gladly paying their fair share of the taxes.

If he ganders downs his usual path, he will discuss the sacrifices being make by Americans in this "warn tear" of his, and talk about some minority family who has lost a son to the fighting, and how they bravely, but tearfully, continue to wave the American flag. They may even be in the audience and get a few seconds face time, brought to Washington at taxpayer expence for this Bush speech.

He will tell us that the ecomony is great, unemployment is low, and all those nay-sayers are just a bunch of ... well, democrats.

He will tell us how critical it is for republicians to win in this coming election--but not the real why--which is so he can continue the dis-assembly and sale of America without congressional interference.

Here are a few things I would like him to address:

-1) Why the planners of the 9/11 attack--after five years--are still free. Five years.

-2) How our military is stretched near to the breaking point, and that the draft may need to be re-instituted so he can continue--and advance-- his warn tear by attacking Iran.

-3) How much his two wars have cost us in real dollars, how much they will continue to cost, and how many other federal programs have been placed in mortal financial jeopardy because of them.

-4) How the Patriot Act and other laws created and pushed through congress by his administration has destroyed more American freedoms than any administration in history.

-5) I would like him to tell us why he attacked two soverign nations that had not done a thing to us, not the WMD fairy tale, not the "Iraq is a better place now without Saddam" babble--which it most certainly isn't--the real reasons.

-6) I would like George Bush explain to me why he thinks America has the "right" to pre-emptively attack any nation, anywhere, on the premise of what might possibly happen, somewhere, someday, based on unverified and flawed intel, or even worse... the personal opinions and/or the animosities of those in positions of power and influence.

-7) I would like him to explain how twenty million illegals are not really swamping our hospitals, overcrowding our prisons, not really taking away jobs from Americans, not really bankrupting many of our social safety nets and not really bringing back diseases we had eliminated in America years ago.

-8) Most of all, I would like him to explain exactly how the hunt for a few hundred terrorists, scattered and hiding in the remotest places around the world, justifies these two wars in Afganistan and Iraq, particularily since the majority of the 9/11 perpetators were--and are-- Saudi Arabian.

One other thing... I would like him to tell us his honest assesment on how long this American federal government supported Iraqi government will last, if and when we finally pull out.

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