Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Will Certainly Change My Mind

Janet Jackson has said she backs Hillary for President.

Miss "wardrobe malfunction" says "Hillary Clinton as President, that would be great. Then she could show all those people who wouldn't trust a woman for such a job".

Well now, that just settles the whole upcoming President thing, doesn't it?

Miss "see my pretty nipple pasty" went on to say that " I am not satisfied with the situation in this world. I hate war".

Hot diggity-dang. Such depth of insight, and her solution to it all is a President Hillary. All I need do to agree with Miz Janet is go flush about 90% of my brain down the toilet.

How does background noise like this even get into the news?

Well, she was being interviewed by the German press agency DPA. That says a lot all by itself.

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