Tuesday, September 19, 2006

700 More Miles Of Fence

"It's time to secure the border with Mexico," Majority Leader Bill Frist said last night, a complete flip-flop of his postion on the issue two nights ago.

The Senate will now take up a bill this week that calls for constructing 700 more miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Well, of course. But, Mr. Frist said he still supports comprehensive immigration reform legislation, the Bush plan that wants to give ten million alliegal aliens citizenship.
"... because no consensus can now be reached on other issues, Congress should move ahead with border security. It's not enforcement only, but "enforcement first."
Elections must be getting very close. A whole lot of his elephant buddies in the House must be headed for election day disasters. Let's just see how many miles of fence get approved-- and funded-- after the elections.

Remember the radical socialist Huey Long? One-time governer of Louisiana? Back in the days of early automobiles and impassable muddy, rut-filled roads, he made an election promise to pave a major highway route if elected. They elected him. He kept his promise, but he paved every other mile. Come next election, he promised to pave the parts he "missed". True story.

They elected him again, but this time to the U.S. Senate, demonstrating the fact that Louisiana has never been known for it's overly large voter base of intellectuals.

One other thing... 700 miles of fence is only one-third of the borders length. The remaining two-thirds would still be wide open.

These Senators must think we'll all from Louisiana.


Another thing... the Congressional trick of approving something we all want--and then not funding it--is a normal, everyday sleezeball stunt those beltliners do. They approve a popular bill, making the voters back home happy, and then--after elections--let the whole thing die by not funding it.

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