Friday, September 01, 2006

So What?

Bush just said that an American pullout from Iraq would result in it being conquered by our worst enemies.

So we end up with our "worst enemies" in Iraq. Good grief, they're already there, and in pretty much every country around it, killing plenty of Americans on an almost daily basis. Odds are that we'll have to stay there forever just to keep the dismal status quo, since the American installed puppet government cannot possibly survive on it's own.

The second we leave it all goes back to square one, no matter what we do, or how long we stay.

"There" is a nice place for our worst enemies to be, where they can slaughter each other in the name of Allah until the end of days. If those lunatics want to kill for Allah, who are we to interfere? They already have provided themselves with easy-to-reach local enemies to kill--the Shiite/Sunni thing--to satisfy their daily dose of bloodlust, so let's get the hell out of the way.

If they ever make peace with each other(doubtful), there's always the Jews to keep mad at for grabbing off a small chuck of the sandpile, but the Jews can pretty much take care of themselves and will eventually settle the issue, so let's just leave it alone.

Why lose any more Americans in that sandlot of insanity? Or spend any more money? We can spend that money beefing up our borders so none of them can sneak in to do us grief. Protecting our borders sounds a whole lot better than trying to protect theirs.

If and when the saner Arabs/ Muslims finally get enough, I'm sure they'll put an end to it. But meanwhile, let's quit making ourselves targets.

My vote is we get out and stay out. That's not folding our tents and running-- that's seeing the writing on the wall-- that's smart.

Do your part this coming election by voting Bush's Republician buddies and pals out of office. But try not to vote for one of those Democrat things if you can avoid it, write in Mickey Mouse if necessary.

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