Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hi-Ho Silver, Away!

The things that go on under your nose.

Not twelve miles from where I live, a Belgium Company has been slaughtering horses for human consumption, not for folks here in the United States, but for picky eaters in Europe and Japan, who consider horse meat as a delicacy.

The plant slaughters hundreds of horses a week and has been cited 29 times for wastewater violations by the city of Kaufman, Texas. But the company, Crown Dallas, has successfully appealed to the courts to treat each violation as a single jury trial issue.

The AVMA, The American Veterinary Medical Assocation, has rushed to the defense of the Crown Dallas operation, claiming that rescue shelters will be overburdened with unwanted animals, who would then have to be sold to Mexican slaughter houses, where they would be slaughtered in a much less "humane" manner.

Come again?

AVMA and/or local versions of "Pet Patrol" go out and "rescue" hundreds of horses weekly and then sells them off to Crown Dallas, who slaughters them for overseas human consumption?

What hypocrites!

One could easily assume that the AVMA and/or their private property-seizing cohorts (using their legally granted powers) takes supposedly mis-treated horses away from supposedly evil owners--strictly as a cash flow solution--in cahoots with Crown Dallas and it's Belgium owners.

Wow. I need to get out more.

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