Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rants About Lieberman

The ADL has fired off a salvo at MoveOn.org, claiming that MoveOn.org is full of anti-Semetic rants about Joe Lieberman.

Be careful here...

Lieberman lost his bid for his Senate seat this upcoming election in the usual two-party system to the "upstart" Ned Lamont, so he has now decided to run as an independent in a dismal attempt to hang on to his Connecticut Senate seat.

Lamont won--fair and square--using the issue of Lieberman's support of the Iraqi war as the pivot issue. To a lot of people, Lieberman's move is just sour grapes from a man who can't stand the thought of losing the power and prestige that a Senator wields.

But along comes the ADL, mixing the issue of anti-Semitism into the fray. This is nothing more than a move to mask the "sour grapes" appearance of Lieberman's independent run and replace it with sympathy support supposedly to be generated by tossing in this anti-semitism charge.

A few points:

First, the anti-semitism charge is a big yawner nowadays. Anybody and everybody who disagrees with the littlest Isreali thing is anti-Semite.

Secondly, the fact that the ADL has jumped in supports the notion that Lieberman really is in the Senate to promote the Israeli agenda, and that we really did go into Iraq to remove a real and viable threat to the existance of Israel.

At lastly, don't forget the fact that Old Joe is exacly that, old. Time to retire.

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