Friday, September 29, 2006

Sexually Assaulted

The police are telling us repeatedly that the lunatic who attacked that Colorado school "sexually assaulted" the hostages. Now I'm in no way trying to defend this nut case, but I have such a deep distrust of SWAT team tactics and police in general that I am always suspicious of any reason they give for the death of a suspect in a shooting incident.

Particularily in this case. This guy died in a confrontation with SWAT members from the Columbine area, who without a doubt, had a score to settle and a point to prove after their disasterous failure in Columbine, where they had wandered around outside for hours as the two shooters inside continued their killing rampage unchallanged.

The guy had let four of the hostages go. Do you believe he would have done that after he had sexually, really sexually assaulted them? Keep in mind that in today's feminized world, many women consider a man eyeballing her as "sexual assault", the "he raped me with his eyes" sort of nonsense.

The guy had fired a shot in the school, no doubt to get some out-of-touch teacher into contact with the reality of the situation, but he had not shot or harmed anyone according to the initial reports, supposedly made from statements by the four released hostages.

One or more of the four released girls may have stated she had been "touched inappropriately" during the incident, particularily afterwards, during the intense and focused questioning by those looking for justification in what could really be another police killing. Such touching is "sexual assault" to many women, most assuredly to female police interrogators and the women in our news media.

We will never know, because the guy is conveniently dead, and we'll not get any details of this supposed "sexual assault" because the police and the news media will want to protect the feelings of those highly "tramatized" girls and their families.

The man-- scumbag cretin that he was--deserved a trial by jury, something supposedly guaranteed by our Constitution. Instead, he died in a confrontation with a SWAT team whose motives are--without doubt--suspect. They claim the guy had made some sort of extremely vague four o'clock deadline, afterwhich the SWAT boys charged right in. We citizens need absolute proof that this killing did not occur just to massage the damaged egos of a police department with a serious black eye.

Let's hope the police have evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this guy had actual sexual intercourse with these girls, not some flimsy "he looked at us with lust in his eyes" sort of justifiction. Let's hope this is not another case in which citizens allow a potential police murder to go unchallanged, because it will only embolden those black clad storm troopers nationwide to kick in more doors, using the "shoot first, ask questions later" approach to law enforcement, while at the same time getting their adrenalin hits with more murder by cop.

I had a career cop brother-in-law, and believe me, cops have a "us or them" attitude about everything. The "them" in that is all us citizens, who my brother-in-law contended have all broken the law, but just haven't been caught and brought to justice yet. That's the unvarnished truth, people... he and his fellow officers actually believed they could pull you over at any time, toss you into jail and find a reason later to keep you there.


An afterthought:

It's not all the cops fault that they have such a crummy attitude about us ordinary citizens wandering the streets. Our system of "justice" puts all manner of criminals back on the streets over nothing more than a "technicality" after what could have been months, or even years, of police work.

That's often enough to make any dedicated officer turn to the dark side*.

*Darth Vader had turned to the "dark side", but he was still an enforcement officer of the empire.

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