Sunday, September 24, 2006

Start The Countdown

Here we go:
WASHINGTON – Even though student molestations seem to be reaching epidemic proportions in schools across America, the House of Representatives has approved a tough new anti-drug and anti-weapon law that would require local districts to develop search policies – including strip searches – with immunity against prosecution for teachers and staff.
I can see the upcoming news story now... Some father has just gone down to the local school house and shot half the staff dead.


Because they stripped searched his ten-year-old daughter in what they claimed was a search for drugs, including an orifice search. The family doctor, after examing the tramatized child, stated that the girl's hymen was ruptured, her vagina bruised and abrased, and her colon torn internally.

The father, shot dead by over fifty SWAT team officers in the process of protecting and serving the community, had told his wife before heading for the school that even if those S.O.B.'s were immune to legal retaliation, they weren't immune to bullets.

Hasn't happened yet, but just wait...

More proof that the federal governments's incredibly expensive war on drugs has been lost, and is now nothing more than an excuse to help deprive legal citizens of their rights.

Good grief, you bunch of morons who think that keeping drugs illegal is good, where do you put yours heads at night? Strip search your children to help in the "war on drugs"?

Legalize the junk, just as we have done with alcohol. Regulate and tax the living hell out of it. Regulate and standardize the dosage, no more deaths from an unexpected overdose or contaminated drugs. Sell the stuff only in licensed and authorized "drug" stores to adults with proof of age. Keep the prices reasonable. That will eliminate the criminal element from the drug trade, the very people who are getting it into our schools and to our children. There will then be no need for some child-molesting pedophile hiding behind the title of "teacher" to strip search your ten-year-old daughter.

A reality check is in order ... people who want to use drugs, will. Most people won't, and don't. There will not be a drug usage "epidemic" in America.

As an example. at the turn of the last century, both cocaine and marijuana were legal in America. Cocaine was even in Coca-Cola. There was no drug problem. We had no drug epidemic then... users used, non-users didn't, Nobody was trying to get drugs into the schools, and not one single child had ever been strip searched for drug contraband.

As a bonus, we can eliminate the DEA.

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