Monday, September 04, 2006

Koppel Makes A Discovery

Ted Koppel, who gained his place in the sun by reporting every single night--for over a year--on the embassy hostages in Iran, is announcing his arrival at the Discovery Channel for a program in which he says they will take a giant step backward and look at older headlines that seemed so important at the time, re-evaluate them, and establish their real worth in the "larger scheme of things".

This is fascinating because of it's baseline concept, the re-evaluating of old news and reaching possibly opposing conclusions.

It could just be a matter of discussing what the opposition was saying at the time of any event, throwing it up against the wall to see if anything sticks, or just another jaded attempt to re-enforce the claims of the powerful and to help shore up the structure of the status-quo.

Or it could actually be a show in which old headlines are actually dissected and truly evaluated on their merits.

However,, I don't really trust Koppel, the people behind him, or the networks that give him facetime. That's just me--of course--so I'm really curious what news stories are going to be revisited and analyzed.

I'll watch his new show--at least for a time--until the true purpose of it becomes obvious. If it really is an in depth and realistic re-evaluation for what was the "news of the day", great, I'll keep watching and probably make a few posts on the shows.

But if it's just another propangistic pile of drivel designed to support the "big lie", or whatever you want to label it, I won't be surprised, and I'll for certain damn sure make posts.

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