Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cat Fight

Bill is slammed on TV for obsessing over stained blue dresses instead of concentrating on terrorism and thus preventing 9/11. Bill gets angry and lashes out on TV at everybody, including George. Condi goes on TV defending George for not preventing 9/11, attacking Bill in the process, and in comes Hillary--riding to the rescue-- but in reality mostly concerned over the possible damge to her political career.

So now we have two presidents, one past, one present, being defended by power-hungry women in what is becoming--or is--a national cat fight over who didn't do what in failing to prevent 9/11.

All this belongs on the Soap channels.

As I listen to these two women snarl at each other, I am somewhat surprised to note that they are both defending the inactions of the two men who utterly failed to do their jobs.

In the midst of all this flying fur, let's not forget that little detail.

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