Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Meat Grinder

TV news reports today talk of how the war in Iraq is lost. They are telling us that the key city of Ramadi and the entire western side of Iraq has been lost to insurgents. They tell us that American military commanders are begging for thousands more men just to try to make an effective presence in Ramadi. They tell us that American soldiers are calling Ramadi the "Meat Grinder".

The "Meat Grinder". I can remember "Hamburger Hill" in Korea. Thats what American soldiers called a hill in Korea where so many died for so little.

Remember Korea? It used to be one country like Iraq. Now, over a half-century later, we have tens of thousands of American troops still there, protecting "South" Korea, while our laughable polititians are negotiating with "North" Korea, tryng to broker an unattainable peace in a war we lost sixty years ago. Amazingly, we are technically still at war with "North" Korea, so Bush could launch an offensive against "North" Korea at any time, without anybody's say so but his, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.

Then there's Viet Nam. We lost so badly there, we couldn't even swing the North and South parody.

The Meat Ginder makes me want to compare Iraq to Korea. If we have really lost the entire wesdern portion of Iraq, we may end up with "West Iraq" and an "East Iraq", with tens of thousands of American soldiers posted there for perhaps a half-century--perhaps forever--while the polititians try to negotiate another unattainable peace in yet another lost war.

In the meantime, go ask any Israeli(the people we eliminated Saddam for, the "why" we are in Iraq) if they really give a damn what happens to us now. Will they send troops? Will they give us financial aid?

Yeah... right.

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Anonymous said...

We didn't lose the war in Korea you idiot, ask the South Koreans.