Wednesday, September 06, 2006

K-Day Has Come... And Gone

The big day finally arrived. The most intensely hyped event in TV news history... is history.

Perky Katie Couric presented herself in her "first ever" major TV news anchor seat. A few comments are in order--not from me--but from some of her no doubt former friends in the industry.

"Katie couric underwent last night her second on-air colonoscopy."

"...Katie spent a half-hour desperately looking as if she had to go potty".

"... crossing her bare legs like some ridiculous tramp."

"What was conspicuously lacking were any flourishes that could be seen as brazen attempts to render the news' appeal younger, hipper and, dare we say it, more feminine."

Sorta expected all this. For a reported salary of 15 million a year, I was expecting a bit more, actually a lot more.

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