Friday, September 15, 2006

The Pope And The Muslims

What a screwball world we live in.

I see pictures all over the place of wild-eyed, screaming Muslims going ballistic over something the Pope said, or rather read and said. A historical comment-- nothing more-- but enough to light countless short fuses in all corners of the Muslim world.

Then I read that the French have actually found something in this world they claim cannot be regulated, the "skinniness of a model", along with accompanying pictures of Miss Anorexia, 2006. This is--of course--in reponse to Spains decision to ban models that are "too skinny" from their fashion show, or about a third of the models who were going to try to cast a shadow somewhere on the Spanish runway.

And here I thought governments could regulate anything.

And now, a church somewhere puts the face of Jesus--or a reasonable facsimile--on the side of a beer glass, and Christians join the Muslims with the "we are outraged" routine.

Try as I might, I find it almost impossible to get "outraged" over anything. Angry? Yes, but it goes quickly, which means when somebody flips me the bird out on the freeway I don't try to respond by using my car as a battle ram. I find that smiling back broadly will tick them off more than actually smashing into their car.

Seems that a whole lot of people worldwide need to mellow out a bit, or just go ahead and have their heart attacks and be done with it.

We'd all be better off.

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