Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama's Latest Photograph

Thanks to Clint Eastwood, we all have a brand new picture of Obama.

Lefties everywhere loved to call Bush the empty suit(and he was). But fair is fair, and liberals are nothing if not fair, so  now we have a nifty nickname for Obama:

The empty chair.

Portrait of President Obama addressing the nation. 

I have pointed to a CNN article so you can see how the Lefties are responding to Eastwood's on-target satire.

Can't wait to see what Chris Matthews says. It will "make my day".


The photo is quite accurate... All of us outside the beltline(the window) can only see a reflection of the man though the dirty window panes(the media), never the man himself.


texlahoma said...

I bet this started with a little ventriloquist dummy that looked like Obama.
"Tell uncle Clint why you haven't fixed the economy, little Obama."

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I like Eastwood.
Too bad he's just a new pair of Wranglers the GeOPapists slipped on to cover their massive cameltoe:
The only differences between Comrades 0bama & Romney
1. Romney has an (R) behind his name
2. Romney is white - the kind of pasty white that blends in well with Wall $treet banKhazars
3. Romney buys the three major lies on which Vaticanism is founded: Three false gods, life after death, salvation by altruism - two of which his Jew owners ALSO lip-serve
For many chortling dittoheads and Dodge-drivers, that's enough. It's okay if a politician disregards the law of the land & enslaves US further to international banKhazars as long as he looks like one of the sheep and can lie with a smile on his face.
If you believe replacing Hitler with Stalin is an improvement, by all means vote for either 0bamney or Rombama...The result will be no different.
If you like being a free, white gun-owner who is not labeled a terrorist or belligerent for not endorsing fascism and tyranny,

You might lose your FREEBEES, but you wIll get your freedom back!

Bob said...

Preaching to the choir Galt...

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