Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Sobering Thought

I was  just reading Michelle Malkin's latest:

I was struck by the preponderance of  minorities listed in her article.

Malkin, herself considered a minority(Asian) in America, highlighted those considered minorities in America.


Take a look at a general breakdown of population world wide by race:

Globally speaking, Michelle is not a minority by any stretch of the imagination.

If you add up those three subsets of Asian: South Asian, East Asian and southeast Asian, they add up to 55% of the worlds population, more than half of everybody. They are the world's s true majorities, and the Chinese(Asian) have built the longest lasting civilization in the history of the world.

Look at the pie slice that says "white". That is deceptive, since many now(including those who created this graph) consider Mexicans as part of the white race. Ask just about any Mexican(not the Rubio variety) if they consider themselves "white". You'll get cussed at... In Spanish.  If you split that number 50/50, that leaves whites as 8% of the worlds population.

So why are whites always called the  majority? Let me modify that a bit... Now that females of all stripes(including white females) are listed as minorities, why are white males listed as the majority?

Since around 50% of the white population is biologically female, that means that white males make up 4% of the world population.

Wowzers. That means I am part of one of the smallest minorities on the planet. Four out of every hundred humans are white males.

So why the hell do white males keep getting blamed for all the worlds problems?

Maybe Michelle realizes that white males - including those "minority" white females - are close to extinction,  and is shining up to everybody else as a realistic survival tactic.

With the white race soon to be effectively extinct in perhpas two or three generations,  who will everybody else blame for their troubles? Who will pay for all their freebies? Who will actually generate all that "Obama money"?

Who will the likes of Barak Obama go to for another fancy 747?

Getting the last laugh is a lot of fun, but only if you're around to enjoy it.

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