Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Other Half

Yellowdog Granny posted the below cartoon Monday:


My response:

I - and many like me - didn't vote for Bush. We knew before he was elected that he was a burned-out stuttering dopehead propped up by the one worlders, Tri-Lateralists like his Dad, and the international bankers. We knew he wanted to go punch out Saddam because Saddam embarrassed his Daddy.  We received our confirmation on this when he stated that "the Constitution is just a damned piece of paper", and then started two wholly illegal wars against nations that had done us no harm and had nothing to do with the 911 attacks, Bush's pitiful excuse for his disastrous "preemptive" wars. We all watched in stupefied amazement as he and his banker buddies added 5 trillion dollars to the national debt - our debt - the debt our children, including your little Miss Olivia,  will have to face.

The mess he generated in eight years was not of my doing.

Now... You want to give this charlatan Obama four more years to continue what he's doing? Obama is not "cleaning up" anything. He's doing exactly what Bush did for eight years. He's marching lockstep with those who backed Bush towards the same goals, all the time flooding us with BS and lies. Only the politically naive or the simple-minded believe what either man says or said. Neither one of these two puppets are - or was - in control of anything.

We now watch in transfixed horror as Obama and those same bankers work towards adding 8, or 9, or 10 trillion dollars more to the national debt,  double what Bush did.

In this election, the Democrats are trying to win with Obama under the bogus banners of less expensive health care and  a woman's desire for safe sex and infanticide, while the Republicans are trying to win with Romney under the bogus banners of less expensive health care and an infant's right to not be killed by its mother. These are - at best - side issues when it comes to our real problems.

Both men are controlled by the bankers... Romney no more than Obama, just more obvious.

Neither party is even mentioning the real 900 pound gorilla in the room,  our 16 trillion dollar national debt... because they can do nothing about it. The Democrats want to tax the rich as a solution,  a laughable notion at best, since 100% of all the money owned by all the wealthy of the entire world wouldn't even amount to a tenth  of our national debt. The Republicans have tossed up their hands and walked away from the problem, talking a bit about the deficit... smoke and mirrors, signifying nothing.

Both of these men are controlled and directed by forces we generally never think of or ever see, the very few in this world with all the money, all the real power, all the real control.

Do you really think that the Republicans electing Romney or the Democrats re-electing Obama will change anything? They're just puppets, following orders, feathering their own nests and not for a second giving a good goddamn what happens to the rest of us.

And all of us? We're just along for the ride, because we've been too busy to pay attention and too politically uneducated to understand.

So go ahead and give Obama another four years.  Or not. Vote for somebody else. Or not. It's not going to make a whit of difference when the national debt is called in.

That's the day when everybody in America loses.


texlahoma said...

Good post!

I have to admit it, I was for Obama, I had high hopes, but it didn't take me long at all to see he was full of crap. It's amazing to me that anyone could be for Obama after he's shown us what he's got. I decided to vote for Gary Johnson but now the GOP has found a way to keep him off of the Ok ballot. Romney has never betrayed me, Obama has, so I guess it's Romney or no vote at all, kind of a toss up on that, since I know Romney will betray me shortly after being elected.

Bob said...

Same problem here...

My wife and I were both for Ron. Paul

texlahoma said...

Bob - Ron Paul is who I was for too.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Ron Paul was America's last "off" ramp from the "Highway to Hell"...
Unfortunately, we missed it.
And that highway is a one-way street!