Wednesday, September 05, 2012

She Was "Depressed"....

From the Mail Online:


A Texas woman who claims her military husband's deployment overseas left her too stressed to care for their three young children, one of whom died, remained jailed Friday in connection with their alleged neglect.
Tiffany Nicole Klapheke is charged with three felony counts of injury to a child in connection with her 22-month-old daughter's death and the severe neglect of her two other daughters, ages six months and three years, Abilene police said.
Her toddler suffered from dehydration and malnutrition from a lack of basic care over a period of time, according to the preliminary autopsy report from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office in Fort Worth.
Klapheke, 21, remained in the Taylor County Jail in Abilene with bonds totalling $500,000. She does not yet have an attorney, according to jail records.
The report also shows that the toddler weighed only 17.5 pounds and her body had chemical burns, indicating the child was exposed to human waste.

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She claims she was depressed because her husband had been deployed.

What the hell is going on here?  The TV is full of ads about products supposed to help women with their "depression". Why are American women in an epidemic of depression? And over what?

Compared to a woman in Afghanistan living in a hut with a dirt floor cooking over a dried cow dung fire in the corner,  an American woman has just about everything.

The average American woman has a lot to be grateful for:  Her own home or apartment, a modern kitchen with every gadget one can imagine, a modern washer-dryer that takes little time to use, her own car(air-conditioned with DVD, radio and tapedeck), a closet full of mostly new clothes, a bathroom counter covered with a thousand dollars worth of skin care products, a good job in a climate-controlled office if she wants, and an endless supply of places to go eat if she doesn't want to  cook. There's even the local  dry cleaners if she's just  too busy to do the laundry. She has her Ipod, Ipad and cellphone. She can communicate with anybody, anywhere, anytime. She does what she wants, when she wants, and there's no one to hold her down or back.

If she does stay home and cook, there's the local grocery store with an astounding 10,000 different food items to choose from. There's dozens of huge shopping malls full of everything a woman could want in every city, large or small, that she can drive down to and spend the whole day shopping in. They don't even need cash, just use the plastic. Some of the world's finest hospitals are just down the street if she stubs her toe or breaks a manicured fingernail.

She lives a life only dreamed of by most women on earth. She has no real challenges to her existence such as starvation, disease, being beat for talking back, or being hit by an errant drone.

So what the hell is the problem here?  Whats happening in America that our women need prescription drugs by the bucketload and are getting so depressed that they allow their children to die?

Seems the harder the men work to support a family, the more screwball the women get. I thought our epidemic of 400 pound meat blimps was our biggest female problem, but it seems we have problems even bigger than that.(and that's saying something)

Watch some of those Women's channels on TV. It's the same story day after day:  Females bitching and complaining about how bad their lives are, how crappy and disappointing their mistake of a husband is, or how  indecisive and pussy-whipped he is,  or how cheating with the local womanizer is really OK.  Want to see males get skewered on a daily basis? Watch that crap.

Maybe that's a part of the problem.

We do have problems - real problems - and I don't hear a single Repub or Dem even whispering about them, I suppose it's because all their slim, privileged and totally pampered women are happy with their station in life.

On the surface at least.


texlahoma said...

I get the feeling all of us are going to get hit over the head with the fact that we are spoiled rotten.

For perspective we should compare things to a burning cigar up your nose.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I believe tex speaks of the day BanKhazar wakes up to the fact all those borrowed trillions are never coming back and the Great Jew Loan Spigot gets turned off.
The politicians - who vainly imagine themselves Lords over God's Heritage - will be atleast as taken aback by their audacity as the feminStaazi, if not moreso, and then be casting about for wealth other than their own to appease the Bankstaz...
I think you already KNOW what that means!