Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Start Stocking Your Pantry

A pantry stocked like this will save you a lot of money
Here is yet another indication - and warning - that food prices are about to soar and availalibity of many items will soon get dicey:

UK farmers are part of a global trend as the cost of feed and compliance with welfare regulations hits suppliers worldwide.

Output could fall by up to 20 per cent by Christmas as British farmers consider quitting the business rather than face mounting losses with every hog sold, according to a survey by the National Pig Association. Some 8,000 breeding sows have been culled since beginning of the year.

Pork is the latest dinner table staple to feel the squeeze caused by rising input costs – exacerbated by this year’s US droughts, which  have pushed up the price of soya used in feed  – and supermarket reluctance to charge more to cash-strapped customers. All livestock farmers have been affected, but feed forms a greater proportion of the costs for pig producers.

Devon-based Lester Bowker, who is quitting after 21 years as a pig farmer, says it does not make economic sense for family farms to stay in the business.

“At the moment we are just about standing still . . . we are not investing in the business. So I’m looking at it and thinking, ‘What’s the point going forward’?,” he adds.

Keep an eye open as this spreads... particularily as cash-strapped and drought-stricken Ameircan food producers start bailing... and foreign suppliers start reducing imports because of decreasing supplies.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Bain CRAPital to the rescue.
Like family farmers in America, they will be forced out of the market into bankruptcy, then multinational corporations will buy up their farms for pennies on the dollar & kick them out.
Ragheads are the Eurozone equivalent of wetbacks, and they work cheap.

texlahoma said...

Yeah, I need to start practicing what I preach and stock up. QE3 is only going to make things worse.